I've been there too... you're burnt out, feeling like days keep melting into nights and you can't seem to catch up. You can't get a break. You've got a lot on your plate ... maybe a little too much ... and sometimes you are living from the neck up. AKA you're in your head and not at all in your body. I feel you. I'm here to tell you that with a little guidance, you can get back to YOU.  I'm here to hold space for you on your journey towards tuning in and coming home. I'm your guide, your cheerleader, your 'healing hands'.

Embodiment coaching brings you closer to your inner healer. These sessions knit mind with body, movement with breath and goals with intention. If you are dealing with chronic stress and/or pain, if you want to call in something greater into your life, or if you simply want to get into alignment with who you really are, these sessions are for you.