Yoga Classes

"Yoga" means to yoke or unite. This refers to a union of body, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga has many benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, learning how to breathe, becoming more body aware and growing stronger and more flexible. I teach Vinyasa yoga - linking breath to movement, as well as Yin yoga - holding postures for long periods of time to stretch the fascia

Grounding Practice

Explore the calming, grounding effect of moving your body. 

By moving your body in a mindful way, you create a connection of safety and trust with yourself.

Right now, it's so important to trust that we are supported and to know that we can feel our feet on solid ground. Give it a shot!

Summer Yoga Offerings

Private Sessions

Times Vary

Are you looking for a more personalized yoga experience? Individual sessions can be an amazing tool for diving deeper into your personal practice, healing injuries and getting to know yourself better. They are also wonderful if you  want to experiment with yoga and are not comfortable in a group setting. Sessions can be private or semi-private. Please email me for more information and to book a time. 

Dockside Sessions

Times Vary

Sweet Sweet Summer. 

Do you have a summer spot at Horne Lake? My dockside yoga sessions are a perfect compliment to your summer retreat.

Get in touch with me below to book your tailored session.