Yoga Classes

"Yoga" means to yoke or unite. This refers to a union of body, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga has many benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, learning how to breathe more efficiently, gaining deeper body awareness and growing stronger and more flexible. 

Explore the calming, grounding effects of moving your body. 

By moving your body in a mindful way, you create a connection of safety and trust with yourself.

Winter Yoga Offerings


Prenatal Yoga Series

Thursdays: November 4 - December 9
5-6:15 pm
$108 + gst

This is a 6 week series geared towards getting you in the best shape to prepare for your pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Classes are designed to foster a sense of community and belonging while bringing you important insight to your changing body.
Each class builds on the previous week to optimise the teachings. Expect safe movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness & group check-ins each class. 

 Current PHO orders will be followed to ensure a safe environment for all of us.