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How to get the most out of your massage

Much of what we do in a massage therapy treatment is create space. We create space in your joints for greater range of motion. We create space in your soft tissues by releasing holding patterns and tension. We create space in your mind by calming your thoughts and giving your nervous system some well-deserved rest.

So how can you take what is done in our massage session out into the rest of your day/week/life? One answer lies in the transition. Just like we make space in your

body through massage therapy, you can give yourself space in your day to properly arrive and depart. This transition time gives your body a chance to settle into a receiving state beforehand and to reset itself afterward. The result? A life faced with greater ease and grace. Transition time may look like arriving 5-10 minutes early so that you can use the washroom and have a glass of water. It may look like taking some time afterward to walk around the block before getting back into your car. Maybe you take the scenic route home. Whatever your means, think about giving yourself space around your treatment time so that you can carry the wonderful effects of your massage out into your world.

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