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About Me

Hey there, I'm Kelsey. 

I’m a creator, facilitator & educator.

...I'm also a massage therapist and yoga teacher, with a keen interest in perinatal  care 


I create the container. From the moment you walk into my space, the experience begins. My office has been curated as a beautiful, relaxing, healing space. I’ve created a way of working with people that invites a shift in the nervous system. From this place, your healing starts. When you walk in to my space, expect a comfy chair, beautiful music and a delicious scent in the air that says, “It’s okay. You can let your day go now.” You’ll sense a general energy of calm.

I facilitate your healing experience through massage therapy and yoga. I show up with an extensive background in anatomy, embodiment & the healing arts. From this rich foundation, you, my client, are guided through your healing journey with a sense of safety and support. I meet you where you’re at. There’s no pushing past resistance, rather a softening into what is. From the softening, you have space to explore different ways of being in your beautiful body.

I absolutely love learning about the body and I love to share what I know even more. Empowering people through shared knowledge is key. The more you know about your body, the more you can make powerful decisions. This is the gift of education. Our relationship is co-creative. This means you are an active participant. Transformation often takes place in the little moments between treatments. If you commit to showing up for yourself enough to listen to your body, you will have the gift of witnessing these beautiful transformations as your journey progresses.

I take a bio-psycho-social approach to my work. What does this mean? I treat you as a whole person – not just your injury. We are dynamic beings constantly responding to our inner and outer environments.  Through this relationship with our environments, our tissues begin to tell our story. Tension is rarely a coincidence.

 I have a healing journey too. I was born with hip dysplasia and underwent a series of invasive surgeries when I was just learning to walk. This trauma has nestled itself deep into my tissues. I’ve had the privilege of exploring and releasing layers of chronic tension through my hip and low back over the years. The journey is unbelievably rich.

My massage therapy and yoga teaching career started in 2012 and it's taken me all over the world. I learned about psychosomatic connection on the beach of El Salvador & I ran a successful luxury spa at the northernmost tip of Haida Gwaii.

When I’m not in the treatment room, you'll find me hiking up (or riding down) a mountain, trail running, cooking a plant based meal,  breathing deep on my yoga mat or, best of all, hanging out with my family. 

I’m looking forward to co-creating your container for healing and transformation.



Anti-discrimination Statement

Kelsey Callaway Wellness is an inclusive space.


I hold space for people of every race, ethnicity and culture.

People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome here.

People of every physical and mental ability have a place here.


I have zero tolerance for racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory behavior.

My top priority is to provide every client with a safe space for healing. This is a safe place where you are not judged for your appearance, background or ability – rather you are embraced for the unique brilliance that is You.

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