About Me


Hey there, I'm Kelsey. 


I've been there too... you're burnt out, feeling like days keep melting into nights and you can't seem to catch up. You can't get a break. You've got a lot on our plate ... maybe a little too much ... and sometimes you are living  from the neck up. AKA you're in your head and not at all in our body. I feel you. I'm here to tell you that with a little guidance, you can get back to YOU.  I'm here to hold space for you on your journey towards  tuning in and coming home. I'm your guide, your cheerleader, your 'healing hands'.

There's an underlying pulse of the universe. It exists out there and also in each of us. I feel this when I'm out in nature and when I'm in the treatment room.  I honour the flow in the ordinary, the extraordinary, and in every sessions with my clients. I stand true to the dynamic nature of healing and work with the authentic rhythms of each unique client. My treatments are a special mix of science-based techniques & intuition . I also teach vinyasa inspired yoga and therapeutic movement.

My massage career started in 2012 and it's taken me all over the world. I learned about psychosomatic connection on the shores of El Salvador & I ran a successful luxury spa at the northernmost tip of Haida Gwaii.  I received my RMT diploma from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, BC. Travelling the world is dear to my heart. It keeps me humble and open-minded.

When I’m not in the treatment room, you'll find me hiking up (or riding down) a mountain, trail running, cooking something vegetarian or breathing deep on my yoga mat. 

Anti-discrimination Statement

Kelsey Callaway Wellness is an inclusive space.


I hold space for people of every race, ethnicity and culture.

People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome here.

People of every physical and mental ability have a place here.


I have zero tolerance for racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory behavior.

My top priority is to provide every client with a safe space for healing. This is a safe place where you are not judged for your appearance, background or ability – rather you are embraced for the unique brilliance that is You.