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Matrescence Defined 

Matrescence, a term first developed by Dana Raphael, the female anthropologist who also defined the word Doula, offers a holistic understanding of the transformation a person goes through when journeying into and through motherhood. Much like adolescence, matrescence is a developmental rite of passage which changes a mother forever. This transformation encompasses the bio-psycho-social and cultural-spiritual-political aspects of oneself. This work has been brought into our world through a psychological lens by Aurelie Athan, PhD and is slowly starting to spread into a worldwide movement towards empowered motherhood. 

Winter Offerings

pregnancy , prenatal yoga

 Prenatal Yoga Series

Full Moon Physio

This series is suited for all trimesters and levels of yoga. Together, we connect through movement, breath, visualization and circle-style connection. Your guide, Kelsey, has done extended studies in prenatal yoga and has completed several mentorships in somatic coaching and matrescence support. 


What's matrescence?! Simply defined, it's the transformational journey into and through motherhood that shifts one's whole identity ... this shift starts with pregnancy so we'll touch on this topic throughout the series.


Classes hosted at Full Moon Physio
Dates TBD



Mother Circle
Monthly Gathering

These monthly gatherings are a sacred container for coming together, showing up, being seen & belonging. 

Together, we weave the tapestry of what it means to be a mother in our modern world. 

Sessions include an opening meditation, self-inquiry, group sharing & movement. 

This is the space where you get to come as you are and leave with a deeper sense of embodied self. 

These sessions are open to all people who identify as Mother. Together, let's reclaim motherhood as a rite of passage. 

Please see below for upcoming dates and to register.

Save Your Seat

No upcoming events at the moment
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