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Is it all in your head??

I've been talking a lot about persistent pain lately.

Why does it exist? Why does it stick around?? Why is it so elusive?

Why won't it. Go. A.Way?!

Is it all in your head?? Well... kinda.

Pain perception happens in the brain. In fact, recent studies show that pain intensity does not equate to tissue damage.

What??!! I love that.

Let’s just take a deep breath.

But I must get one thing clear: I recognize that your pain is REAL. And it’s not fun.

Your pain is real because your nervous system is constantly immersed in a cause & effect relationship.

You are constantly responding to stimuli based on previous, current & anticipated experiences.

It’s worth looking at stress levels, previous injury or trauma, support systems and emotional well being when considering persistent pain. All these things matter. We could call this the body-mind connection or a bio-psycho-social approach to healing.

Sounds juicy huh?!

My goal is to get you, my client, closer to doing what brings you the most joy in life with greater ease.

I'm not interested in picking apart your biomechanical irregularities (we all have these BTW), rather, I want to look at the bigger picture. Don't get me wrong, biomechanics are an important piece of the whole. But the healing does not take place in the biomechanics. It takes place when you are seen, heard and given space to connect with your body in a safe and supported way. Another thought is that maybe what needs to happen isn't healing, but a reframing of your current situation and future goals.

The takeaway is that you are not broken. You are literally stronger and more stable than you may have ever been told. So take it easy on your beautiful self. Give your nervous system a good rest. Focus on what feels good. And don’t let anybody tell you you that your body is “messed up, a wreck, in bad shape ...” cause that just ain’t true!

PS. I bet you already know that an excellent way for letting your nervous system rest is through massage therapy. Come check me out in my new location this fall!

From my heart to yours,


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