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Keep your self-care consistent

Why is it so much easier to take care of others than it is to commit to ourselves? Life can throw curve balls and distractions, but this does not make your self-care any less important. Here are 5 ideas to help cultivate a consistent self-care routine so that you can continue to show up as your best self:

1. Keep it simple

o We don’t all have the luxury of a daily 3-hour self-practice. I get that. So start by choosing just one thing that you will do just for you. Maybe It’s waking up 30 minutes before your kids so you can drink your coffee in silence. Maybe it’s committing to 1 massage treatment every month to keep your body in alignment. Maybe it’s signing up for a weekly yoga class. Wherever you choose to start, make your chosen self-care practical for your lifestyle and honour where you’re at.

2. Book your therapeutic appointments ahead of time

o If you have your appointments, classes and events pre-scheduled in your calendar, then all of your other obligations and activities can be planned around them. Your self-care slides into a routine and becomes the pillars for scheduling the rest of your day/week/month. It can also be grounding to know that at the end of your crazy busy week, you get to have your own time to fill your cup.

3. Use a timer and/or alarm

o Stepping away for a walk, run, stretch, nap, mediation or treatment can seem much more attainable if you have a defined block of time set aside for it. If you have a massage scheduled, make time for getting to your appointment early enough to settle in and after your appointment to go for a walk or grab a tea before stepping back into your life. For meditations and naps, I like to use the Insight Timer app. It has guided meditations and a built in timer that you can use with lovely ambient sounds when your time is up.

4. Make it non-negotiable with family members / community

o Teach your loved ones early on. Take time every day for you. This can be as little as 5 minutes. Close the door and teach those who share your living space that during that set time, you are not to be disturbed (unless there’s an emergency). This practice can be empowering as you start to feel the benefits of boundaries.

5. Grab a friend

o Do you have a hard time sticking with commitments to yourself? Grab a friend! Whether they are joining you or checking in, having somebody hold you accountable for self-care can help immensely with staying consistent and showing up.

At the end of the day, you know yourself best. Walk your talk and speak your truth. Showing up as your brightest self comes easier when you are taking care of yourself in any small or big way you can. You've got this!

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