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Finding connection through grief

Now that the initial shock of the pandemic has weaned, do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with a choking thought of "what if this is our new normal? "

Do you sense a subtle veil of disappointment that casts its shadow over your day?

Or maybe you're focusing on staying upbeat and positive, but you cannot deny the presence of a low hum of anxiety at the pit of your stomach.

Have you been to the grocery store lately? The shelves are half empty and you're lucky if you get a nod from the person passing you, let alone a smile, while staying 6 feet apart of course.

Language is being thrown around that, 3 weeks ago, would have stirred up nausea in most of us just hearing:

"Social distancing"




It's uncomfortable, isn't it? We all know it. The feeling is grief.

Grief for what was, and the uncertainty of what is to come. Grief for human touch. Grief for purpose. Grief for connection. Grief for community and reciprocity. These sure are weird, lonely times.

Let's just hope we can all get back to normal soon.

Well, here's the thing. We won't go back to "normal" .

Through the grief of letting go of our expectations of the world, we are preparing for a brighter future, albeit different.

We are in the midst of uncomfortable transformation.

May I offer as suggestion?

Do not run away from it. Do not busy yourself. Surrender. Breathe. Soften. Sit with the discomfort, the anxiety, the grief. Cry! Yell! Scream! It's okay. But do not run away. For if you are willing to see it, there is an invitation. An invitation to reassess your life, your priorities and your purpose. How do you really want to show up in the world? Who do you want to serve? When everything is stripped away, what are your essentials? Now is the time. There is nothing to lose. While all the world is isolating, you are being beckoned to get to know yourself again. That part of you that has been suppressed for too long. See her. Really see her. Hold her hand, and she just might show you the way.

Much love,


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