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Make your Space Sacred

It has now been 3 weeks since we have been socially distancing.

Do you miss your favourite coffee shop, your favourite yoga studio or gym, your favourite ... massage space? ...

The way you feel in these spaces is not a coincidence. You too can curate a space in which you feel amazing. We could call this creating sacred space.

By definition, sacred refers to connection with God, Buddha, Mother Earth, Source, Universe... whatever you want to call that power and energy that is greater than you alone. It is what makes you feel loved, supported and safe. So creating your sacred space involves bringing in what you love. Think sound, smell, feel, sight. Think essence.

Here are some things I do to create sacred space:

- I ensure my space is clean. I dust, sweep and tidy.

- I burn palo santo, sage or cedar to clear the air

- I ensure my comfort: I bring in pillows, blankets, bolsters - things that make me feel supported

- I use my diffuser: peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and frankincense are some of my go-to oils

- I play music that sings to my soul! Here is my latest playlist

- I thoughtfully place objects that bring me joy: stones, plants, pictures of the ones I love, colours that light me up

- I light a candle (just don't forget about it!)

Keep it simple. Do not strive for pinterest-perfection. Focus on the feel.

Sacred space does not need to be reserved for extended periods of meditation or spiritual practices. Whether you are cleaning the kitchen, prepping kids' lunches, working at your computer or squeezing in some yoga, making your space sacred can help immensely to feel connected to your task and to yourself.

Sacred space is self-care.

As we tune in more and more to online offerings, it is up to us to take ownership of our space. When we are in an environment that we feel good in, we are more open to receive.

I am showing up online every Thursday morning at 9am to offer flow yoga. If you feel the call, register here. Classes are supported by donation for the month of April.

Wishing you radiant wellness.



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