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Times are changing

The only consistent thing in this world is change.

Have you found yourself waking up in the morning wondering what lays ahead? What will our new normal be on the other side of COVID-19? Everything is changing so fast. Every day there is a new theory, a new update, a new protocol for how humans should behave amidst this pandemic.

If you find yourself bracing for what is to come, you're not alone.

This global anticipation of change has me sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering if I will ever massage again, if I will ever hold my nephews & nieces again, if we will ever rejoice in collective celebration again.

What I've come to realize is that part of this stress and anxiety that we are experiencing is enhanced by our gripping to the known. Whether we are in a joyous, positive space, or whether we are experiencing immense hardship, the idea of softening into the anticipation of change can be relieving. To remember once again that change is inevitable is to step into the flow of nature that is happening around us everyday and which resides within us eternally.

Look at the seasons. Look at how the forest changes from spring to summer to fall to winter and back to spring again. The trees adapt, the waters change, the forest floor responds. And it is all in perfectly divine timing. Nothing resists. Nothing rebels. The whole forest flows together. There is such beauty in this. Every season brings with it a unique beauty that cannot be replaced by another. So if we sit just presently enough, we can lean into the peace that this here, right now, is the best season of our life. And so too will be the next season.

Lean in. Feel the joy, the sorrow, the grief, the frustration. And then dive deeper into this trust that is here waiting for you. This trust tells you that this too shall pass. That change is necessary for growth and expansion. That you are safe amidst transition. Just listen. Observe your natural surroundings. Breathe. Feel.

This too shall pass.

Namaste & much love


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