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Transitions can be the hardest times of the year for some of us. They shake things up, disrupt our routine and expectations. I can absolutely relate to this. With summer going and fall coming, I start to feel the shift. If I'm not grounded in my daily practices, I can start to feel anxiety, restlessness and depression. I start to question my purpose and value in my community and the world at large. I long for what once was and feel fear for what is to come.

During times of transition, grounding practices can be very helpful to cultivate feelings of security, trust and peace in our bodies. Here are a few grounding strategies that have helped me flow through transitions with a little more ease and grace:

1. Start the day with a seated meditation

2. Minimize caffeine consumption and replace with things like tea and golden mylk

3. Move

4. Breathe

5. Eat grounding, whole foods

While these are suggestions inspired by what has helped me, you know your body better than anybody. Listen to your body's subtle cues (they are not coincidental) and act from a place that serves you. If you are not serving yourself, you are not serving anybody.

May your transition be met with peace and grace.

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